Customer Testimonials

 Amy Dunn - Callaway Cleaning Services,  "I am so excited about the recent order that I received from your company. I ordered the Employee Package, and my husband and I are thrilled. It was worth our investment. I customized the documents printed them and boom I have successful and well thought out employee practices, polices and operations. Truly a blessing!"   

Stacy Barbour – Cleaner Concepts LLC,  "I purchased the Fee Estimate Package from you and I am impressed. Wish I had found MaidDocs before all the hard work and tears I went through to become what I am today. I am still a small company but I can see having more accounts soon. Thank You!" 

Note from Gwen @ MaidDocs - Unfortunately all of our testimonials were lost. when our website was redesigned.  Please submit another review if you've purchased from us before.  Thank you!