The House Cleaning Company Payroll System allows you to calculate payroll efficiently and quickly for up to 25 employees. The payroll template was created in Microsoft Excel and contains fields for time, bonuses, car allowance, tips, damages, penalties and uniforms. Simply fill in the fields for each day using thedaily work schedule form, then watch the pay period totals automatically calculate.   


Print the Payroll sheet and enter the final numbers into your preferred payroll software.   NOTE: The cleaning business payroll template does not calculate taxes — you must set your accounting software (ex. QuickBooks or PeachTree) to calculate state and federal taxes.

House Cleaning Company Payroll System

  • Included in the Cleaning Business Payroll System:  

    •  Commissions Worksheet – tracks jobs sold and commission earned for your salespeople
    •  Daily Work Schedule Form – tracks jobs worked, hours on job, breaks, tips and car allowance
    •  Excel spreadsheet template set with formulas to calculate payroll for up to 25 employees
    •  Payroll Changes Form - record deductions to be taken during a pay period
    •  Step by step instructions for using the MaidDocs Payroll Template
    •  Time Breakdown by .25 hour - simplifies entry of daily hours worked
    •  Time sheet for Office Personnel - tracks hours worked and car allowance