General guidelines and office policies for a House Cleaning Company.  Includes detailed instructions for all responsibilities assigned to the office assistant position. Also included is a compliance agreement for your office assistant to sign. 

Office Assistant Policies, Guidelines and Procedures

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  • Sample of the 12 page document:


    Policies and Guidelines for the Office Assistant


    “Company” places great emphasis on results and quality performance, but not at the expense of compromising honesty or accountability. Long term customer retention is goal #1.  All employees are held accountable to consistently strive for maximum dedication to customer satisfaction.


    The Office Assistant is an important position which requires dedication to meeting company objectives, compliance with policies and perfect attendance.  The Office Assistant must possess the ability to perform daily responsibilities with little or no assistance from management.


    General Responsibilities:


    • Open the office at 7:30 am.
    • Check phone & e-mail messages immediately and adjust daily schedules as necessary.
    • Have daily work schedules, keys & driving directions ready and organized before 8:00 am.
    • Direct technicians to destinations without them getting lost.
    • Handle telephone and e-mail messages efficiently and profitably.
    • Keep accurate records of schedule add-ons and changes.
    • Document information and incidents accurately.
    • Accurately maintain files via computer and filing cabinets.
    • Remain objective (not showing favoritism toward any employee or customer.)
    • Support management decisions without questioning.


    The Office Assistant is held accountable to:


    • Put forth his/her best effort for the company.
    • Service customers, staff and management with respect and integrity.
    • Keep a positive attitude and professional decorum.
    • Remain positive and help maintain a high morale with staff, customers and management.
    • Remain loyal to and supportive of management in disciplinary issues with staff members.
    • Cooperate with any investigation which may or may not involve law enforcement agencies.


    The Office Assistant is NOT allowed to: