The House Cleaning Service Business Start Up Package is a great option for those who want to start a cleaning business, but have very limited funds.  And there are No Memberships / No Hidden Fees / No Gimmicks.  Once you purchase the package you receive a link to download it onto your computer.  Open the documents and begin customizing your templates.  

The start up package includes seven "how to" manuals and the cleaning service fee estimating calculator, over two dozen templates, forms and letters specifically designed for a house cleaning company.  All of our products were created with Microsoft Business Software.  In order to use the templates in the Start-up Package you must have Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher.


Remember that all of our products are protected by copyright laws -- you may use them for your business, but you can not re-sell them.

Basic Start a House Cleaning Business Package

  • Start-up Package
    Manuals Included:
    - How to Start a House Cleaning Service Business
    - How to Estimate Cleaning Fees
    - How to Grow Your Housecleaning Business
    - Equipment and Supplies Lists
    - Marketing for a Cleaning Business
    - Office Procedures and Guidlines
    - Resources for Business Assistance, Supplies & Equipment

    Advertising & Marketing Pieces Included:
    - Business Card Template
    - Customer Referral Card
    - Direct Mail Postcard Template
    - Magnetic Car Signs Template
    - Sample Yellow Pages Ads
    - Tri-Fold Brochure Template

    Fee Estimating Tools Included
    - Fee Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)
    - Fee Chart (Quick reference for quotes)
    - House Cleaning Service Fee Estimate Script
    - House Cleaning Service Fee Estimate Form - Phone Estimate
    - House Cleaning Service Fee Estimate Form - In-Home Estimate
    - Checklist for Furnished Home Cleaning
    - Checklist for Empty Home Cleaning 
    - Customer Information Form

    Templates Included:
    - Letterhead Template
    - Daily Work Schedule Form
    - Description of Services Form
    - Maid Service Checklist
    - Phone Message Log Form
    - Prospect Letter
    - First Service Letter for Customers
    - Regularly Scheduled Service Letter
    - Gift Certificate Template
    - Letter to accompany Gift Certificate
    - Customer Complaint Log Form
    - Complaint Letter - Unsatisfactory Service
    - Complaint Letter - Damaged Item
    - Complaint Form - Unsatisfactory Service
    - Complaint Form - Damaged Item

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