The reputation of any company hinges upon the attitudes, character and work ethics of its employees. Since a service company’s commodity is human resources, it is of utmost importance to hire wisely. When you utilize MaidDocs employee documents your employees will know what is expected of them and how to perform their duties in order to stay in compliance with company policies and cleaning procedures. Properly managed employees are more likely to become long term employees — which is a significant benefit to your house cleaning company!


Our documents are written without the legal paraphrasing that exists in most employee manuals. MaidDocs are very clear and concise so that every employee can easily understand them and be held accountable.

Employee Manuals and Documents Package

    • How to Hire Cleaning Employees (from the Business Owners Manual)
    • How to Manage Cleaning Employees (from the Business Owners Manual
    • Cleaning Employee Handbook of Company Policies
      • The Employee Handbook is a guide to company policies for the Cleaning Technicians, and includes a compliance agreement to be signed and filed in each employee's permanent record
    • Cleaning Procedures Manual
      • The Cleaning Procedures Manual provides detailed instructions for the cleaning company employee's entire day -- nothing is left to the imagination! Included in the manual are specific instructions starting with what to do upon arrival at the office each morning. Instructions include how to clean toilets, cleaning marble, granite, slate, and cleaning wood floors and more. Cleaning products are reviewed, along with proper usage and dilution instructions for each cleaning situation, as well as a description of the Basic Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and Customer Preference Cleaning. Also noted is how to care for company equipment and customer property.
    • Job Knowledge Test for Cleaning Employee – 100 multiple choice questions
    • Answer Key for Cleaning Employee Job Knowledge Test
    • Performance Review Forms for Management & Supervisor
    • Employee Warning Templates
    • General Employment Documents Section
      • Advertising Drafts for Online Employment Sites
      • Application for Employment
      • Applicant Information to Review at Interview
      • Attendance Record spreadsheet
      • Attendance Log Form
      • Employment Acceptance Package – List of Documents for New Hires
      • Employee Acceptance Package – List of Document for Permanent Employees
      • Employment Acceptance Terms for Independent Contractors
      • Employment Acceptance Terms for Newly Hired Employees
      • Record of Incidents Form for Employee File
      • Resignation Form – Compliance Refusal
      • Time Off Request Form
      • Uniform Purchase Form

    If you will be calculating payroll in-house you may want to also order the MaidDocs Payroll Template. Hourly wage, tips, car allowance, uniforms and penalties can be entered and adjusted with ease for up to 20 employees.