etailed instructions for the cleaning technician's entire day -- nothing is left to the imagination! There are specific instructions starting with what to do upon arrival at the office each morning, to how to clean toilets, marble, granite, and slate. Cleaning products are reviewed, along with proper usage and dilution instructions for each cleaning situation.


The House Cleaning Procedures Manual is a comprehensive how to guide for your cleaning employees. Used in conjunction with the Employee Handbook, your employees will know what is expected of them and how to perform their duties in order to stay in compliance with company policies and cleaning procedures. The manuals should be put into notebooks, read in your presence, compliance agreement signed, and the signature witnessed. Then each employee is required to keep the manuals in their possession for frequent referral.MaidDocs were developed using Microsoft Word, and they are completely customizable. Therefore, you can easily add or change instructions to best reflect your own company.

Cleaning Procedures Manual

  • Microsoft Word document - Fully Customizable