Close sales over the phone in minutes!  When you use our professional house cleaning fee calculator, estimate scripts, documents and forms you have an advantage over others in the industry.  In-home cleaning fee estimates are rarely necessary when you use our method, but in those rare instances you will use the In-Home form. Our professional presentation will help you sell maid service whether you provide estimates by phone or in the homes.

Cleaning Fee Estimating Package

    • How to Estimate Fees for a Residential Cleaning Service
    • House Cleaning Fee Estimate Calculator - customizable spreadsheet
    • 5 Fee Estimate Charts from $25 per hour - $75 per hour
    • Checklist for Furnished Homes
    • Checklist for Empty Homes
    • Customer Information Form
    • Fee Estimate Script for Sales Person
    • Fee Estimate Script for Receptionist
    • Fee Estimate Form - Phone estimates
    • Fee Estimate Form - In home estimates
    • Description of Maid Services List
    • Customer Letter for First Service Booked
    • Customer Letter for Regularly Scheduled Services
    • 10 Prospect Letters Providing Estimates
    • 3 Prospect Letters for Service Not Booked