How to Separate your Personal Facebook Profile from your Local Business Page

To separate your personal Facebook profile from a business page you have to remove yourself as an administrator. Remember that you must have at least one administrator to manage the page. (If you are the only administrator, then Facebook will not accept your request.)  Do you have another person that you trust to be the Admin for your page?  If so, you’ll need to set them up as Admin before you can remove yourself.


     1. Log into your personal account.

     2. Click the arrow icon at the left of the Facebook toolbar. 

     3. On the drop down menu choose “Manage Pages”.

     4. Choose the page you want to change, on that page click “Help” then “Settings”.

     5. Choose “Page Roles”, then scroll down to “Assign a New Page Role”

     6. Add your friend or colleague and choose “Admin”. 

         You must WAIT until they accept the role before you can remove yourself. 

     7. Once they have accepted, repeat steps 1 – 5

     8. Scroll down to your name, click “Remove” then click “Save”.


Questions and Answers


Q - How do I set up a business page in Facebook without my personal login?


A- This is not possible.  The business page must have an Administrator.  Set up the page, then invite a trusted Facebook friend to perform Admin duties.  (If your designated Admin is not on your Friend list, you’ll have to invite them before you’re able to choose them as Admin.) Once the new Admin is confirmed you can remove yourself as Admin.


Q - I have a personal and business page, but when I am on my business page, I can only get my personal page feed. How to I change it to business feed?


A - Facebook has moved things around again for Pages. Try these links for information...

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